Last chance for submissions to WA state programs commission of inquiry

By The Mandarin

June 14, 2017

The much-reduced Western Australia public sector has no choice in complying, but for everybody else, there’s just one week left to make a case for keeping or scrapping what’s still underway of the 26 state programs and projects that are on the new McGowan Labor government’s hit list — including land sales at Elizabeth Quay, the Perth Stadium project, and a range of matters related to health services.

The ‘why’ question was never answered when Premier Mark McGowan and Treasurer Ben Wyatt announced a $1.5 million commission of inquiry into 26 of the former Coalition government’s projects last month. So the public is left to imagine own justification: ensuring confidence in public projects, or a convenient platform for revenge against the previous government.

The terms of reference could allow it to go either way, but if one thing is certain, the inquirer, John Langoulant, will play it straight. The highly respected former top public servant was Under Treasurer through the Court (Coalition) and Gallop (Labor) governments and continues to hold the kind of portfolio career that makes everyone jealous: he is on no less than seven boards ranging from a major bank to children’s charities, five as chair.

Langoulant (pictured above) has been tasked with assessing the decision making processes, whether value for money outcomes were achieved, and explain to the community how failures in decision making processes and associated costs “led to the state’s operating deficits and unsustainable debt position.”

Since the state is a little sensitive about costs, the government preemptively disclosed Langoulant’s fees: “Mr Langoulant will be paid at an hourly rate of $220 plus superannuation. By way of comparison, the Waroona Fire Inquirer was paid and hourly rate of $218.75. The Perth Hills and Margaret River Bushfire Inquirer was initially paid an hourly rate of $167.50, which later increased to $250.”

The Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects has made a call for submissions by no later than June 21 via

Land and Major Projects

  • Elizabeth Quay
  • Perth Stadium including Swan River Pedestrian Bridge
  • Land Assets Sales Program
  • Ord River Irrigation Expansion Project – Contracts

Royalties for Regions

  • Pilbara Accommodation
  • Pilbara Underground Power Project
  • The Ningaloo Centre
  • Bulgarra regional sports complex
  • Wanangkura Stadium (Port Hedland multipurpose recreation centre)


  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Perth Children’s Hospital
  • QEII Hospital parking
  • Karratha Hospital relocation
  • St John of God Midland Public Hospital
  • Department of Health – major IT procurement
  • Outsourcing of non-clinical services
  • NurseWest arrangement

Energy Utilities

  • Muja Power Station
  • Synergy – Billing System
  • Synergy and Western Power – contracts
  • Western Power – Woodlands transmission line
  • Western Power – Project Vista
  • Road Safety Commission and RugbyWA partnership
  • Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme
  • Common Use Arrangement for Temporary Personnel Services
  • GovNext ICT Project
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