New VendorPanel system to make VPS tech procurement easier

By David Donaldson

Friday June 23, 2017

The Victorian government is rolling out a new system for procuring ICT services, which it says will make accessing new technologies cheaper, easier and more efficient.

All departments and ICT providers will now use a system provided by Melbourne-based company VendorPanel.

The platform is particularly conducive to small and medium-sized businesses, making it easier for them to work with the public sector, argues the state government.

The Victorian government makes about 900 purchases of e-services each year, from around 1800 providers. These include things like web content management systems, geospatial data services and 3D modelling, as well as ICT strategy development and analysis.

With the VendorPanel system, suppliers will be able to upload company information and supporting information, such as insurance certificates, at point of registration. This reduces the regulatory burden of having to provide such information with each individual tender response.

The e-services register also uses a simplified contract structure that is more accommodating to small businesses.

The government’s contract with VendorPanel came into effect this month.

“VendorPanel are a fantastic local company providing local jobs and investment — and now its product will make doing business with the Victorian Government a whole lot easier,” said Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings.

“Victoria’s great tech and eServices sector will find the VendorPanel system more user friendly and efficient — and I’m proud this agreement will be supporting local jobs.”

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