How to stop digital transformation becoming a train wreck

By The Mandarin

Monday July 10, 2017

There’s no escaping that digital transformation has been heavily touted as the immediate imperative for agencies to quickly improve their services and processes, but all too often critical operational risks and considerations just seem to be left off the brief.

Whichever way you look at it, headlines featuring inadvertent exposure of personal information, documents landing in the wrong hands and messy data and records mismatches are becoming all too common as digital government becomes a reality.

For all the talk of joined up services, citizen centric service design and data driven government, the reality for most public service senior executives is that there’s substantial heavy lifting required when it comes to addressing new and potent risks around security, access control and ensuring that often sensitive information has the necessary governance.

  •    Are new and existing platforms ‘match-fit’ for secure collaboration and controlled sharing … or are they an internet enabled accident waiting to happen thanks to ‘shadow IT’?
  •    What happens to the ‘single source of truth’ and knowing who accessed what information and where?
  •    How do you strike the balance between making digital information and data instantly accessible yet compatible with increasingly strict governance and compliance obligations?

To help public sector leaders navigate these challenges, The Mandarin is holding a specially curated executive learning seminar to discuss these contemporary challenges and workshop solutions from leading NSW government and industry stakeholders. The event is scheduled for 8 am 18 July and we will aim to have you back at your desks around 10 am.

(For a full rundown information, please download the invitation as a pdf or register straight away here.)

To be personally moderated by the The Mandarin’s publisher Tom Burton, you’ll hear first hand from:

  •    NSW Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd.
  •    NSW Department of Justice Chief Information Officer, Aaron Liu.
  •    Former DFSI knowledge manager and information specialist at Objective Corporation, Sonya Sherman.

This is an event that won’t have slideshows or snazzy animated infographics. Instead, you’ll have the chance to participate in a frank and collegiate conversation with some Australia’s leading minds on the challenge of ensuring your agencies information systems and practices and up for the digital age.

Please note that while there is no charge, this is an event specifically for government executives and practitioners and you’ll need to register to attend this exclusive event before 14th July here.

We look forward to seeing you on the morning.

When: 8am 18th July 2017

Where: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, 66 Pitt St, Sydney NSW (Marble Room)


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