DTA chief lists five priorities, but digital identity ‘the one that really matters’

The new Digital Transformation Agency chief has set out five priorities to get digital transformation back on track for the Commonwealth at an IT industry lunch. He thinks a digital identity framework is the best thing the DTA can do for the country.

A national digital identity solution is the single most important project for the new CEO of the Digital Transformation Agency, who set out five key priorities yesterday afternoon in a speech hosted by the Australian Information Industry Association.

“There’s no silver bullet to anything but all my head, heart, gut, tells me that if you want to significantly increase digital uptake and significantly improve the experience, we have to solve for digital identity,” he said.

“This will require cross-agency collaboration, and it will require help from the private sector. And the role of the DTA is to work with all those parties and be very clear about what it is we’re trying to achieve, what success looks like and how we go about it for that benefit.

“If we can do one thing only, I think this is the one that really matters.”

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  • Anon Coward

    Absolutely agree: Digital Identity changes everything – but only if you get it right. This is not just a tool for a few agencies, it’s a global concept for everyone: please think big. Please ensure that whatever we adopt will work worldwide when the rest of the world also embraces international digital identity. Please don’t just build another non-portable handful-of-agencies silo which nobody else can use or benefit from!!!