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Spotted: Canberra’s central agencies stand by new DTA chief

New Digital Transformation Chief Gavin Slater gave his first address to industry earlier this month — and this morning he followed up with one to public service.

Video and transcript of today’s IPAA ACT hosted digital talk will come later, but for now catch up on Slater’s 5 priorities.

Also, what was conspicuously missing from his talk.

It was refreshing to see was two of the biggest hitters in the Commonwealth, Martin Parkinson and Rosemary Huxtable, coming out to support Slater.

Sadly we weren’t a fly on the wall at the first (apparently quite interesting) meeting with Huxtable, so this will have to do.

There were also senior representatives from other central agencies like APSC, the already digital-elite like IP Australia, and digitally-critical line departments like Human Services and Health.

It took longer than expected — especially given the PM’s sponsorship — but from our vantage point, it appears the Commonwealth is back on the same digital page. Let’s hope so.

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Harley Dennett

Harley Dennett is editor at The Mandarin based in Canberra. He's held communications roles in the New South Wales public sector and Defence, and been a staff reporter for newspapers in Sydney and Washington DC.