Welcome to The Mandarin — the venue for public sector leaders

Welcome to The Mandarin, Australia’s venue for public sector leaders. Our publisher explains what it’s all about …

The Mandarin is for public sector leaders and those interested in their work. We want The Mandarin to be the place that connects and helps people manage Australia better — for intelligent showcasing, discussion, collaboration and learning about public work and the people and many challenges behind it.

To build this site we have consulted widely with hundreds of current and former public servants from around the nation and all tiers of government. We particularly thank the Institute of Public Administration Australia and president Terry Moran for assisting these discussions, and more importantly for their vision and support for a quality destination for public sector collaboration, insights and information.

We were taken by the hunger to collaborate and share, and to reinstate the public sector as the place where the best and brightest work to find solutions for a better Australia.

We also were struck by the sense that Australia is at a major pivot point in public sector thinking. The causes can rightly be argued, but include: very real budgeting and resourcing constraints; the injection at a political and bureaucratic level of a heartfelt desire to challenge how best to deliver public outcomes — and a willingness to look outside traditional bureaucratic structures; the rethinking digital technologies is allowing; and an honesty that the traditional command and control hierarchical public sector structures and organisational models are no longer serving the country well.

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  • Grahame Morris

    Best of luck Tom, The Mandarin and all who sail in her! Grahame Morris