Commonwealth agency cuts: rogue agencies in fed sights

The next stage of agency cuts will be the most comprehensive, the federal government says. New plans are also being considered to rein in the creation of new agencies.

A federal government frontbencher has issued a stern warning to bureaucrats not toeing the government line: your agency is in our sights.

In a speech to public sector governance leaders on agency cuts, parliamentary secretary to the Treasurer Steven Ciobo (pictured) said nobody in the public sector space is fully independent and the public had the right to expect that government act in unison. More agencies will be cut, he declared.

Ciobo told a forum hosted by the Australian Institute of Company Directors that some government bodies are involved in “ill-considered or manifestly dated” activities, but escaped scrutiny due to their small size.

“Citizens expect that their government will be consistent in the way it operates, not fractured and in conflict within itself. They also expect that, as taxpayers, their money should be handled efficiently, effectively and ethically across all government activities, whatever the legal status of an entity might be,” he said.

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