CASA gets a new boss with top brass experience

A test pilot who rose to become one the most senior members of the Air Force will head up the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as director of aviation safety.

Mark Skidmore

Mark Skidmore

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has a new director of aviation safety in Mark Skidmore, a former test pilot who was Australia’s air commander until his recent retirement from the Air Force.

Deputy director Terry Farquharson has been acting in the role since Skidmore’s predecessor Mark McCormick departed at the end of August, having chosen not to seek re-appointment.

CASA isn’t sure exactly when Skidmore will take up the five-year position yet, but its chairman Dr Allan Hawke said it would be “as soon as possible” after he wraps up his current commitments. After leaving the Air Force, Skidmore became director of flight operations for Raytheon Australia — where he worked as a senior test pilot in the late 1990s — and has also worked as an aviation consultant in recent years.

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