Travel administration is a pain, but becoming less so

By The Mandarin

November 9, 2017

Baggage on conveyor belt at the airport – selective focus

Here’s a small ‘making life a bit easier’ story from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The ABS, along with the Commonwealth’s travel provider QBT, have made some modifications to TripitPRO and Triplink so they better fit the needs of government travellers. And soon it could link directly into Uber for an even smoother experience.

“One of the major changes developed from the standard product was to stop the ‘shell itinerary’ flowing into the user’s Expense Report, which only served to cause confusion for the end-user. We wanted to make our business work faster, smarter and better overall by using technology to create positive changes.

“The ABS and QBT did this by ensuring that travel data from all WOAG suppliers, including AOT, flowed through to TripitPRO without any manual intervention, allowing the traveller to see their flight number, car bookings, hotel details, all contained within TripitPRO.

“Our innovation will have direct benefits to all Australian Government entities, as well as the ABS, as they will enjoy full functionality and immediate viability without having to spend the time and resources that we have put into this project.”

But why stop there? Lily Viertmann from the ABS Finance, Risk and Planning Division says her team are developing further options to improve the experience and efficiency of staff travel.

“One innovation being developed is to work with Concur [the makers of  Tripit] and QBT to develop an app that allows our traveller to sync their Uber app to their TripitPRO app. This would allow them to use the ‘Find transport options’ feature to book their Uber without leaving TripitPRO. We would expect to benefit from this integrated solution, saving time, resources and money in the future.”

The ABS also advise they picked up Concur’s Innovation Award in the government category for organisations that have pushed the boundaries of Expense, Travel, Invoice management.

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