The enemy within: seven strategies to stop cyber breaches

beware the inside threat

While focus is normally on preventing external technology threats, department and agency heads need to look closer to home when implementing preventative strategies.

A significant amount of time and money across the public sector is focused on external cyber breaches and threats. But the landscape and risk has shifted such that we need to re-think and reprioritise the level of investment and focus on the insider threat.

The latest research by PwC on the 2015 Global State of Information Security reveals that insider cyber crimes are both more frequent, but also more damaging than outside attacks.

Sources of cyber breaches from Insiders  2013 to 2015

So while the Australian Government continues to invest significantly in national security, with a focus on nation-states, hacktivists, and organised crime groups, the threat landscape is changing and for the Australian public sector the insider threat is a clear and present danger, according to PwC Cyber security expert Richard Bergman.

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