Thawley returning for PM&C post to ‘get good things done’

The Prime Minister’s surprise new bureaucratic point man is returning to Australia to get things done. New broom Michael Thawley talks to The Mandarin from the US.

Michael Thawley

Michael Thawley

The Commonwealth’s new public sector leader has told The Mandarin he wants to “get a lot of good things done”, as the Prime Minister signals a shift in the way the bureaucracy operates.

Tony Abbott announced yesterday former United States ambassador Michael Thawley is to replace Ian Watt (pictured) as head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Thawley is currently an executive of Capital Research and Management Company and of Capital Strategy Research, investment management businesses based in Los Angeles.

It’s the boldest attempt by Abbott to broaden the DNA of Canberra’s relatively insular bureaucracy. It’s expected another financial markets player and former public servant John Fraser will be announced as Martin Parkinson’s replacement at Treasury later this year.

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