PGPA era: the reform agenda under Abbott government

The public management reform agenda has been stepped up under a federal government keen on leaner government. Finance’s deputy secretary has outlined the way forward.

Stein Helgeby

Stein Helgeby

The public management reform agenda started by former finance minister Penny Wong has been integrated into the Coalition government’s overall vision of the public service, an Australian Institute of Company Directors forum heard last week.

Dr Stein Helgeby, deputy secretary of the Department of Finance’s governance and resource management group, told the audience he thought that under Labor, the new Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act would have been considered important, and even “foundational, but would not necessarily have been seen as directly connected to a broader narrative or discussion about government”.

He said the new act should, this year, be seen as a “set of enablers where the outcome is smaller government, nimble government, government that works differently with business, that works differently with the community, and will work differently over time with states and territories as well”.

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