Too long, didn’t read? Audit office sums up its four PGPA audits

By The Mandarin

Wednesday November 29, 2017

The Commonwealth auditor-general has reminded public sector executives that they need to get up to speed with corporate plans and make sure they are the agency’s primary planning document.

A new Australian National Audit Office video summarises the findings of four separate audits related to the new planning and reporting rules brought in by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act, which covers both the public service and corporate bodies.

Unsurprisingly, the auditors have found “different levels of maturity” in the new requirements for corporate plans. The agencies they have audited were still yet to “fully embed” the new requirements, and ANAO offers tips on doing so.

Auditing has also produced advice on how to “fully realise the policy’s goal of embedding risk management as part of organisational culture” and most federal agencies have more to do in that regard.

Performance statements are generally pretty good, but ANAO still offers useful findings that support new roles for audit committees.

The PGPA Act is necessarily long and complex but as the audit office explains, its main points are fairly simple: to improve risk management and provide better quality performance information to Parliament, so MPs, senators and members of the public can easily see what is happening and have more confidence in how funds are being used and objectives met.

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