How The Mandarin readers stayed informed in 2017

By Harley Dennett

December 19, 2017

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This was almost the year of the viral recruitment video, satire, and flexible working.

And it might have been, but for all the hatches, matches and dispatches.

Without a fast, centralised official source for this news, public servants and their watchers across Australia turned to The Mandarin for the latest news on these changes.

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When we compiled this year’s top 10 most-read stories, the sheer number of hatches, matches and dispatches appeared to dominate all else — but you also had time for positive takes on what the public service is doing.

You read professional development stories, thoughtful commentary and plenty of frank feedback from top mandarins and the political class. We endeavoured to bring you in-depth case studies of programs that are really working and policy analysis from practitioners across all of Australia’s jurisdictions, and few examples from overseas too.

We’ve just ticked over three years since The Mandarin launched. In that time we’ve often been defined by what we are not, but I prefer to think about what we’ve added: a unique community of leaders from many different backgrounds, offering news, commentary and learnings on government in Australia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Your engagement — through reading, sharing, feedback and contributing — is always appreciated.

There’s a few more interviews and features yet for the year, but then we’re taking a break. Enjoy the holiday, and we’ll return to your inboxes early in the new year. Stay safe.

The Mandarin‘s top 10 most-read news stories of 2017

  1. Reshuffle: new heads for 9 departments
  2. Defence walks away from X-inclusive gender diversity
  3. Federal minister proposes crackdown on impersonating agencies, satire exempt
  4. WA restructure: premier’s former CoS named head of DPC
  5. Service NSW CEO snapped up by Suncorp
  6. Beauchamp expected to move in new mandarin reshuffle
  7. NSW chief Blair Comley leaves top job as Transport’s Tim Reardon ascends
  8. Adam Fennessy to leave public service
  9. Better analytics, better policy: first spend initiatives from APS Modernisation Fund
  10. VPS goes all roles flex: ‘finding much higher staff engagement, trust’

The Mandarin‘s top 10 most-read features of 2017

  1. Verona Burgess: APS leadership turnover set for another jolt — for better or for worse
  2. Tom Burton on Finance’s viral video: why I like paleo pear
  3. Contracts and convicts: how perverse incentives created the death fleet
  4. Verona Burgess: is a PhD worth doing for a career in the public service?
  5. Martin Bowles’ 6 lessons for a rewarding public service career
  6. Nicholas Gruen: Five ways to tell if you’re REALLY doing strategy
  7. Paul Shetler: forget high tech fantasies if you can’t answer the phones
  8. Martin Hoffman’s frank guide to public service improvement
  9. Michael Pezzullo’s case for a Department of Home Affairs
  10. Nicola Roxon’s advice to public servants: be responsive and don’t be rude
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