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Does Vanilla Ice inspire public sector innovation? Vote now

The opening line of the 1990s rap song “Ice Ice Baby” could be chosen as the theme of the seventh annual public sector Innovation Month, which takes place mid-year.

The Public Sector Innovation Network is running an online survey to pick the guiding words for this year’s series of innovation-related events and activities for public servants around the country and, borrowing from the poetry of Vanilla Ice, “Stop, collaborate and listen” is among the suggestions.

Alternatively, the online survey also allows respondents to type in their own idea.

Previous Innovation Month themes have been:

  • 2017: “Making it happen.”
  • 2016: “Disrupt, develop, display.”
  • 2015: “Dream, dare, do.”
  • 2014: “Empower, collaborate, transform.”
  • 2013: “Inspire, design, deliver.”

Author Bio

Stephen Easton

Stephen Easton is a journalist at The Mandarin based in Canberra. He's previously reported for Canberra CityNews and worked on industry titles for The Intermedia Group.