Blueprint for border protection: strategy for staff mash-up revealed

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is trying to get staff excited about new career opportunities through the creation of the Australian Border Force.

Seven distinct capabilities have been identified within the recently merged customs and immigration areas, as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection embarks on a major transformation culminating in the emergence of the Australian Border Force on July 1 next year.

When portfolio budget statements came out in May, the new organisation was forecast to have 480 less staff than the two it is built from — 400 of those from the department — as a result of the consolidation and the transfer of some functions away from both in the 2013 machinery of government changes.

According to the “blueprint for integration” given out to employees on Thursday, decisions about which groups, divisions, branches and commands will make up the new organisation are yet to be made, but “high level design work” has defined the seven functional areas to start the conversation:

  • Develop policy, law and program;
  • Enterprise-wide strategy and services;
  • Specialised border capability;
  • Intelligence, risk and targeting;
  • Immigration and customs services;
  • Border control (pre-, at and post-border); and
  • Investigations, compliance, enforcement and status resolution.

A detailed plan for building the new DIBP will be released in February, based on feedback from employees. The first of two “national roadshows” have begun, with senior leaders travelling the country to discuss what has happened and what lies ahead. A second, in February, will provide staff with personalised career support.

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