PM&C security review follows cabinet files breach

By Stephen Easton

February 7, 2018

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has announced a review of its own security practices, procedures and culture in the wake of the ABC’s “cabinet files” revelations.

A second very similar incident concerning very sensitive information found in ex-government furniture also occurred last week, with The Canberra Times giving some handwritten notes back to Defence and reporting none of their contents so far.

PM&C secretary Martin Parkinson has announced former ambassador and Defence secretary Ric Smith will run the review, which will address the “implications for the Australian Public Service more broadly” as well for the department:

“Mr Smith will commence his review upon completion of the AFP investigation into how and when the classified documents, obtained by the ABC, left the Commonwealth Government. That investigation is expected to make its initial findings shortly.

“Mr Smith is a highly respected former Australian public servant and diplomat. Mr Smith served as Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia and China and as the Secretary of the Department of Defence.”

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