Janine O'Flynn's new public management gig

By The Mandarin

February 27, 2018

Professor Janine O'Flynn
Professor Janine O’Flynn

Public servants will know University of Melbourne Professor Janine O’Flynn as the co-author of books like Rethinking Public Service Delivery, editing Australian Journal of Public Administration, and for work contributing to the Australian Public Service Commission’s Ahead of the Game – Blueprint for the Reform of Australian Government Administration.

Now, she has a new full-time role as ANZSOG’s Professor of Public Management, taking over from Honorary Professor John Alford, where she will take up research for the school in addition to teaching public administration’s current and future high flyers.

O’Flynn’s most recent published book is Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care with Associate Professor Helen Dickinson. Her next book, Markets for Misery, will explore the intersection of market and morality in public services and is due for publication in 2018. She has also been a contributing writer for The Mandarin.

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