Strengthening a culture of respect and engagement in the public sector

By The Mandarin

March 5, 2018

In the modern workplace, we are all facing added pressures caused by new technology, automation, social media or just higher expectations that can cause conflict.

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Left unmanaged, all of these elements can result in reduced productivity as the pressure mounts. Smart and caring leaders know the warning signs. Increased instances of absenteeism and sickness, escalating incidents and complaints of bullying and harassment, increased numbers of workers compensation and stress claims.

Research has shown it only takes one instance of workplace incivility to lead to negative outcomes — and in today’s world with the highly pervasive nature of social media, the outcomes can be very easily  amplified in the public domain.

So there’s an important question: how do you defuse and address pressure points in advance so they don’t cross the line into hostile territory?

A more civil dialogue

The answer is clear and commonsense ways of communicating and knowing where the emotional and professional line is drawn.  It’s how leaders act, inspire  and set an example while still finding the best in their teams, motivating them to improve and rise to challenges.

Let’s be frank. Genuine productivity depends increasingly on superbly functioning teamwork, so when people aren’t being civil towards each other the ability to maintain good working relationships can be seriously compromised.

There are committed experts ready to assist too. PeopleScape is a human resources consulting firm that specialises in enabling organisations to achieve success through their people. Our job and our passion is to assist clients to create great places to work, which in turn delivers great business outcomes.

Whether it is individual capability, team dynamics or organisational behaviours, we help identify the problem and provide effective organisational solutions based on well-founded psychological principles and academic research.

Leading and learning by example — experts speak out

PeopleScape is delighted to host a breakfast in Canberra on Thursday 22 March 2018 with a world expert in workplace civility, Professor Michael Leiter. He will discuss his decades of research conducted on this topic, and we will share some early results of PeopleScape’s work in partnership with Professor Leiter for an Australian public sector client. We will showcase the workplace civility program of work being run within the client organisation and how Professor Leiter is adding to his body of research on this topic.


Thursday 22 March 2018, 7.30am – 9am


The Shine Dome, 15 Gordon Street, Acton ACT (Academy of Science)




Stuart Waldon, 02 8014 5890 or drop a line to

To register for free or find out more, please visit the PeopleScape website.

About Professor Michael P. Leiter, PhD

Dr. Leiter is a renowned expert on the psychology of work with an enduring commitment to improving worklife quality with many widely cited articles on job burnout, work engagement, and workplace civility. He has held a Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health and Wellbeing. In 2016 he moved to Deakin University in Melbourne Australia to continue this work as a Professor of Organisational Psychology. His recent initiatives have focused on improving the quality of worklife through enhancing the level of civility and respect among colleagues. His intervention work on improving respect and civility at work has demonstrated a close link of improved collegiality with greater engagement with work.

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