Commonwealth's digital ID 'liveness' security feature goes to market

By The Mandarin

March 22, 2018

Smile! Live facial image capturing via computer, phone or tablet is coming to Govpass, just as soon as the government can find someone to deliver it.

‘Liveness detection’ is a key component of the Govpass digital identity verification that will enable personalised access to government services online. It’s what will stop would-be impersonators simply downloading a photo from someone’s social media profile, and strengthen fraud protection.

The Digital Transformation Agency says that not all services will require face verification. Some services will require only a name and date of birth, such as applying for a fishing licence. A higher level of assurance is required for services such as setting up a tax file number.

“Digital facial verification will allow these types of services to be made available online, rather than through a government shopfront.”

The approach to market was published on AusTender today, seeking an industry partner to develop a liveness detection solution for the digital identity private beta.

It will likely bare a lot of similarity with other live video facial recognition used by police and security services, such as the proposed live crowd monitoring at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. But unlike the growing surveillance intrusion by the state, these images are not held indefinitely:

“Privacy, security and protection against fraud are at the core of the solution. Only necessary information will be passed on, people will need to consent to the disclosure of their image, and images will be discarded once they are verified.”

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