The People & Culture Podcast: in conversation with Peter McIntyre, CEO Engineers Australia

By The Mandarin

May 23, 2018

The People & Culture Podcast with James Judge is a series of in-depth discussions with practitioners and leading experts on emergent trends impacting on the shape of the future workforce. In this episode, James is joined by Peter McIntyre, CEO Engineers Australia.

Peter was appointed CEO of Engineers Australia last year after holding a number of senior positions in the corporate world. Established by royal charter, Engineers Australia is a member-based organisation with a series of wider missions, including advancing the science of engineering in society.

There has been a noticeable increase in people with engineering qualification working across government, but not all these people are engaged as engineers. In conversation with Peter, we examine these trends and discuss the transferable skills that people with engineering qualifications bring to leadership positions.

Peter McIntyre

The rise of emphasis of credentialling is also discussed and Peter offers his views on the critical role technology and engineering plays in supporting innovation and how automation is changing the way engineering is itself undertaken.

With approximately 12% of engineers in Australia being women, diversity and inclusion is both a challenge and opportunity for the profession. Peter talks about internal targets they are working towards and how they strive to explain to the broader community the range of interesting things that fall within various engineering professions (that don’t only involve ‘hard hats’ and ‘pouring concrete’). We also discuss Indigenous Australian participation in the profession and some of the oldest engineering in the world – complex fish and eel traps in Victoria.

Peter also explains how the profession has had to adapt and move much closer to the community throughout his career. This has meant changes in competency assessment and led to the creation of their own internal leadership college.

We also discuss under-representation on boards and advisory groups, a major issue for the organisation, especially where engineers are missing on major, critical engineering and infrastructure projects.

Links and Resources

Engineers Australia web site

The Aboriginal fish and eel traps discussed underwent a name change last year, from Mt Eccles National Park to Budj Bim National Park, in recognition of the cultural importance of this engineering project.

More information on the Energy Security Board Peter referred to can be found here.

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