Podcast: Frances Adamson, unscripted

By The Mandarin

June 26, 2018

Who hasn’t wanted to throw an unanswerable question at a top diplomat just to test the skill set they’re most famous for.

This podcast with the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frances Adamson, in conversation with Michelle Grattan is well worth a listen this week.

Frances Adamson

Russia or China, which power is the greater diplomatic challenge? Adamson gives a lot of detail here, and has been vocal on many issues about China, but it’s becoming harder to find areas of common interest with Russia.

Could the Australian embassy in Israel ever be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Thank you Liberal Party council, DFAT really didn’t need this hornet’s nest poked.

Is the department jealous of the massive boosts in Defence funding, while foreign policy and aid faces repeated cuts? MOGs and restructures can do wonders, apparently, but DFAT is “just about at our limit.”


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