The People and Culture Podcast – Dr Tim Baker on trends in consulting, coaching and performance reviews

By The Mandarin

Wednesday June 27, 2018

The People & Culture Podcast is a series of in-depth discussions with practitioners and leading experts on emergent trends impacting on the shape of the future workforce. In this episode I am joined by Dr Tim Baker, a consultant who has written numerous books and worked globally across 21 industries as a coach, keynote speaker, lecturer and master trainer.

We discuss his history of working with leaders in organisations for almost two decades and whether he has noticed changes over time in relation to modes of delivery, types of support requested and what people are looking for in terms of value for money. He also comments on what he sees as attitudinal shifts towards coaching.

“Initially coaching was about, this is the last resort …if you can’t respond to this coach we’re going to show you the door… now it’s almost like a badge of honour.”

We also talk about mentoring, leadership, the move away from formal performance reviews in some sectors and a few of the most challenging moments he has faced as an external consultant. What Tim thinks are lessons that can be learnt across and between the public, private and not for profit sectors are also discussed.

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