'Fit for Purpose. Fit for Future.' — national public sector survey coming your way soon

By The Mandarin

August 2, 2018

Professor Peter Shergold is meeting with governments across Australia in August to test of the pulse of the public sector, in his capacity as the national president of the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

This month, five open events with Shergold will be run by the IPAA branches for Tasmania, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia. There will also be invite-only gatherings in the remaining jurisdictions. These events will be discussing rebuilding trust in public purpose, what does it mean for public administration to be fit-for-purpose now and in the future and the preservation of traditional values of Westminster public services in the evolving Australian democratic politics.

These events will launch a state public sector survey in each jurisdiction, gathering data that will inform the debate at the 2018 IPAA national conference in Melbourne on October 17. Already there are issues emerging that are presenting as fault lines with the potential to dramatically shake the foundations of the professional public sector, including:

  • hyper-partisanship,
  • automation and AI,
  • the use of consultants,
  • and other challenges impacting on the public sector.

If you can’t make the events, we’ll have more details soon on how to participate, what was learned, and why it matters.

Watch: Peter Shergold discusses his Learning from Failure report

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