Got an innovative idea? The OECD wants to hear from you

By The Mandarin

August 22, 2018

The OECD is on the hunt for innovative practices in government to showcase — and you might even gain a trip to Paris out of it.

The multinational thinktank’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation and the UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation have put out a call for innovative practices to fuel research on new trends and to inspire others to work in creative ways.

As in previous years, a number of these innovations will be featured in a published OECD report, and several of the teams will be invited to Paris to present at OPSI’s innovation conference, and to Dubai to present their work to the global audience at the World Government Summit and its interactive Edge of Government experience.

These cases benefit from:

  • Global visibility: Featured innovation initiatives are promoted to the over 4000 delegates to the summit, 250 attendees of the observatory’s upcoming innovation conference, over 10,000 readers of OECD’s global trends reports, and thousands of visitors to the OPSI and Edge of Government websites. One team will win the UAE’s Edge of Government award.
  • Platform for scale: Based on the experiences of previously featured teams, initiatives receive enhanced attention and support at home, and new partnerships are formed that enable projects to scale and be duplicated in other countries.
  • Global movement: Featured innovations and their teams serve as leaders and examples of impact to inspire others and build global momentum for innovation.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 14 September 2018. Find out more here.

Public sector leadership principles

The OECD is also conducting consultations on its principles for public sector leadership and capability.

The 14 principles of a fit-for-purpose public service under three main pillars:

  • A values-driven public service where commonly understood values guide a results-oriented and citizens-centred culture of leadership and policy and services design;
  • A trusted and capable public service with the ability to identify the skills and competencies it needs, and which aligns its employment systems to bring those skills and competencies in, develop them, motivate and provides the necessary resources for their use;
  • A responsive and adaptive public service with the empowerment, resources and agility needed to effectively and efficiently address fast changing, ongoing and emerging challenges.

The draft is being circulated publicly for consultation until September 14, 2018. Find out more here.

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