Labor’s plan to slash NSW bureaucracy

By The Mandarin

Monday August 27, 2018

Travel, advertising, legal and consultants would all be reduced under NSW Labor’s plan to cut bureaucracy costs if it wins government in March next year.

Labor in New South Wales is saying it’ll slash public service costs to pay for its 2019 election commitments.

News Corp has never missed an opportunity to lay into public service executive remuneration.

You won’t find the detail of the new plan on the party’s election commitment listings, but the gist was splashed across the Sunday Telegraph yesterday courtesy of a drop:

“NSW Labor will sack public servant fat cats and slash ­government travel, advertising and consultants to pay for the party’s costly M4 Cashback election pledge.

“The cuts, expected to save $828 million over four years, also include halving the number of parliamentary secretaries and reducing legal ­expenses.”

The new plan marks shift in the opposition’s priorities from the last state election, where Labor went into bat against outsourcing of public service jobs.

Shadow treasurer Ryan Park said savings would, addition to the expensive M4 toll-axing pledge, go towards more police, schools and hospitals.

If more detail exists, The Mandarin couldn’t find it today.

NSW departmental secretaries are unlikely to be enamoured with the plan, beyond the tactless gift to News Corp’s graphics designers who never miss an opportunity to lay into executive remuneration in the public service.

The secretaries have long argued against specificity in administration cuts, instead preferring the current efficiency dividend approach where decisions about where savings are drawn are made by agency and department heads. “What would [Treasurers] know about how much travel is needed in my department”, argued the one senior NSW department secretary at a public sector forum this month.

CBD exit would continue under Labor

The opposition plans to move more of the few remaining public service and regulatory agencies out of Sydney’s CBD if it wins government.

Marginal areas have been pledged specific agencies under the plan, including Liquor and Gaming NSW to the Wollongong/Illawarra area. That relocation is expected to move 200 jobs out of the Sydney area.

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