Movers & shakers: what's the go with the CIO?

By The Mandarin

September 14, 2018

Not much movement at the higher levels of the Australian governments’ Senior Executive Services this week, according to the public record, but we heard of a few shifts that are yet to be recorded, including change afoot in the intelligence and capability group at the Department of Home Affairs.

Home Affairs

According to a tip-off, Home Affairs staff have been informed that Radi Kovacevic will move up into the role of first assistant secretary at the head of the major capability division from next week.

We’re also told Michael Milford will move sideways from that role to head up the information and communications technology division, making him the chief information officer.

Our source believes these are permanent appointments. The Mandarin asked the department to confirm the tip this morning but it did not respond by our deadline.

Tim Catley is still listed as CIO on the government directory and the organisational chart but, according to our source, he has not been seen in the office for quite some time, and was not mentioned in the staff announcement.

Catley is the subject of an overdue question on notice from Senate estimates in June, which remains unanswered. The QON refers to a newspaper report that he was the subject of an investigation by the New South Wales Information and Privacy Commission related to his former role at the state transport department at the time he was hired by Home Affairs.


The overhaul of the Defence senior leadership team is nearing completion with the next head of the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group announced (but not yet formalised) as Tony Fraser — a former two star in Army and currently chief executive of Airbus Group Asia Pacific. More details in our story from earlier this week.

The department still needs to find permanent replacements for the Associate Secretary (Rebecca Skinner is acting), backfill Skinner’s substantive post of Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence, and Chief Defence Scientist when Dr Alex Zelinsky departs in two months.

Jobs and Small Business

Five new First Assistant Secretaries have been announced for the department formerly known as Employment.

  • Jody Anderson – Group Manager – Work Health and Safety Policy
  • Alison Durbin – Group Manager – Workplace Relations Policy
  • Glen Casson – Group Manager – Finanace Legal and Governance
  • Kerryn Kovacevic – Group Manager – Employment Systems / Chief Information Officer
  • Janey Kuzma – Group Manager – Workplace Relations Legal/Chief Counsel


Tracey Carroll has promoted to Chief Financial Officer in the Department of Finance. Carroll comes from Department of Social Services.


Jonathan Rollings has been promoted to head of the Budget Policy Division in the Department of the Treasury.

Human Services

Two new Assistant Secretaries have been promoted in the Department of Human Services.

  • Perdi Mitchell
  • Danielle Regeling

See last week’s movers and shakers update here.

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