News and resources for Australia’s public sector leaders.

The public sector plays a critical and sometimes underappreciated role in this country. It needs strong and independent news coverage, and a place where its leaders can discuss the issues they face at the coalface of modern bureaucracy.

That’s where we come in. The Mandarin is made for public sector leaders and executives and the many stakeholders and suppliers interested in their work.

Put simply, we deliver the news and analysis that the public sector reads every day.

“Our Executive often arrange department wide briefings to update us on something we read about the day before in The Mandarin.”  Mandarin reader interview 2018

With a focus on senior executives and public administration professionals, there is no other news source like it.

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The daily newsletter that helps you lead.

Leading Australia’s public agencies in an environment of change, declining budgets and reduced staff, requires intelligence and judgement, agility and resilience.

Senior bureaucrats want to learn from peers and their personal experiences about what makes a great leader in this hugely dynamic space.

There is also a hunger for advice from professionals and former secretaries and agency heads, who understand what it takes to be an effective leader in the public arena.

This appetite for learning is what forms the basis for the content we feature in our daily newsletter, The Juice. We want The Mandarin to be the place that connects and helps public officials manage Australia better — for intelligent showcasing, discussion, collaboration and learning about public work and the people, behind it.

Connecting the public sector with the people it serves.

The Mandarin is also an invaluable resource for business, community groups and public policy professionals wanting to better understand and collaborate in the development of policy, programs and regulation.

It is our belief, and our editorial intention, that better insight and understanding of how things work can lead to a better relationship between the public sector and the people it serves.

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