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A unique audience … a unique opportunity …

The public sector engages business and community to advise, supply and support over $400 billion a year of activities and projects.

As a respectful and professional destination for key decision-makers and influentials in Australian public sector, The Mandarin provides our partners with a unique opportunity to present their thought leadership, insights, research, expertise and experience in a highly credible native editorial environment.

Many business and community leaders and organisations have strong understanding and experience of markets and community needs. There is a genuine, heartfelt desire to collaborate with public officials around public policy and regulatory development, as well as the challenging task of delivering frontline services to an ever demanding citizenry.

Partner opportunities

The Mandarin provides a forum for partners to provide expert analysis and commentary concerning the key issues and trends confronting the public sector, and share market initiatives, research, submissions and discussion papers with this senior constituency.

Through The Mandarin, partners can engage directly with public sector leaders through a series of engagement, content and advertising packages. These packages enable partners to select different content types — including web posts, blogs, infographics, screencasts, video and e books — and engagements such as webcasts, webinars and roundtables to effectively communicate and collaborate with The Mandarin‘s core audience.

Content can be a one off — say a speech, opinion article or a submission — or can be structured around a feature series focused on an agreed theme, spread over say a quarter. Popular are 12-month engagements which enable our more sophisticated partners to build a series of engagements around various topics over a year to reflect the various aspects of their government relations practice.

These content and engagement packages can be supported by advertising directly to The Mandarin‘s various public sector audiences and will be promoted through The Mandarin‘s various social and outreach products, such as our daily email.

Sponsored content is marked as partner content with appropriate branding and integrated within The Mandarin‘s offering, presented as a unified editorial environment.

The opportunities to present partner content and engagement are numerous and wide: The Mandarin follows a variety of current issues ranging from the many consultations and reviews government undertakes, to the day-to-day policy and regulatory development, as well as the programs and projects undertaken across Australia.

The public sector also works with with commercial suppliers and community groups for advice, logistical and project support, as well as for the supply of infrastructure and technologies. The Mandarin as a part of its coverage will focus on various aspects of this service provision, ranging from business transformation, professional development, performance management and the rapid uptake of digital technologies.

Many partners already have relevant content prepared as part of their own marketing or government efforts and The Mandarin‘s partner content team will work with partners to curate their existing content or to develop content on partners’ behalf.

The Mandarin‘s partner content team have an intimate knowledge of the issues before government and together can tailor your offerings to be most relevant to the audience. Through this process partners will also develop a better understanding of how best to engage and collaborate with public officials.

For all enquiries please contact Richard Austin at [email protected] or on +61 (0)401 400 866.

Contact us for a free consultation or an advertising enquiry how to best engage with the public sector.

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