Advertising and Partnerships

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A unique audience, a unique opportunity

The public sector engages business and community to advise, supply and support over $400 billion a year of activities and projects.

As the premier destination for key decision-makers in the Australian public sector, The Mandarin provides partners with a unique opportunity to present their thought leadership, insights, research and expertise in a highly credible native editorial environment.

Partner content and engagement programs


Partners of The Mandarin can communicate directly with public sector leaders through a variety of engagement, content and advertising packages. These packages enable partners to select different content types: feature articles, infographics,  video and ebooks, plus engagements such as webinars, events and roundtables to effectively engage with The Mandarin‘s core audience.

These content and engagement packages can be supported by display advertising on the site, and promoted through The Mandarin‘s social and outreach channels, such as our daily email.

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Many partners already have relevant content prepared as part of their own marketing or government efforts. We work with partners to curate their existing content or to develop content on partners’ behalf.

The Mandarin‘s partner content team have an intimate knowledge of the issues before government and together can tailor your offerings to be most relevant to the audience. Through this process partners will also develop a better understanding of how best to engage and collaborate with public officials.


As a publisher, The Mandarin has the unique benefit of understanding this audience better than anyone. We study and analyse the issues most important to them so that we can provide them with the news, information and advice that helps them in their jobs.

For brands seeking to understand this audience and develop better communication and engagement strategies, The Mandarin can work closely with partners in a  consultative arrangement to assist in developing focused, relevant solutions.

Mandarin Careers

Looking for talented and experienced individuals to fill critical roles in your department or agency? The Mandarin can help identify the best candidates through its  Mandarin Careers listings and accompanying content and amplification packages.

Our terms and conditions for advertisers and content partners can be found here.