John Glenn

About the author

John Glenn is founder and Managing Director of Kiah Consulting, a multi-million-dollar company that specialises in consulting to, coaching and training government and industry to deliver improved public service outcomes. With multiple tertiary qualifications in engineering, science and management, John started his career in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals and the SAS. In 1991-92 he worked with the UN in Cambodia to negotiate the ceasefire and disarmament of the Khmer Rouge and other warring factions. He continued to specialise, negotiating security arrangements across the allied nations where he discovered his talent for negotiation. John moved to industry and worked internationally. His experiences include consulting, think-tank development, US multinational business operations, investor start-ups, public listing, sales and acquisitions. Today John concentrates on working across the public-private sector divide to ensure superior achievements by both. John is an accomplished speaker on negotiation, collaboration and leadership.

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