Author: Nicholas Gruen

Review: The Last Man in Europe

This is a novel about George Orwell and 1984, an unsentimental tribute to the political writer who grasped with greatest penetration the meaning of the European catastrophes of the first half of the twentieth century. Read More

Five ways to tell if you’re REALLY doing strategy

Nicholas Gruen continues his essay on strategy, exploring the preconditions of good strategic thinking for organisations. If the organisation is to sensibly set itself goals, its strategic thinking must comprehend the dialectical relationship between the means and the ends — each influencing the other in an endless search for inspiration, improvement, optimisation and mutual accommodation. Read More

Building the public goods of the 21st century

Had Fiona Stanley been constrained by today's data privacy demands we might never have learned how to reduce incidents of spina bifida. Many more digital public goods are languishing amid grand pronouncements. Rather, we need the whole system to start coalescing around common goals. Read More