Author: Stephen Easton

Federal ICAC case strong, despite anti-bribery measures

Anti-corruption processes across key federal entities, led by the Australian Federal Police, have been enhanced in recent years in response to major foreign bribery cases. But no matter how good these measures are, they do little to weaken the case for a federal ICAC. Read More

Emergency fast LANES overtake spectrum debate

The Productivity Commission is looking at the best way to satisfy national public safety mobile broadband needs. But there's a new technology that looks likely to get a guernsey because it sidesteps the debate around increasingly valued chunks of radio spectrum. Read More

Carol Mills sacked as DPS head

Carol Mills has been let go by parliament's presiding officers after a drawn-out process of investigations, recriminations, and an alleged misuse of the building's cameras. Read More

Course correction for air safety co-operation

CASA and the ATSB -- both regulators who pick up the pieces after air crashes -- were in a dogfight ten years ago. The new director of aviation safety says there is no reason for antagonism between their complementary roles. Read More

Bitcoin and foreign affairs bring digital to financing

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade doesn't have a specific policy on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin yet, but is watching the emerging potential for the technology to support international development. As a federal inquiry continues, politicians want to hear more of the public sector's possible uses. Read More

More pressure on Comcare, DIBP over detention centre safety

Questions continue to be raised by lawyers over Comcare's limited role in preventing abuse at offshore immigration detention centres. Psychiatrists and social workers have alleged that reports of child sexual abuse were ignored by Australian officials, and that secrecy only adds to the health and safety risk. Read More