Author: Stephen Easton

The internet of things: what it means for government

The next big thing in technology is the so-called "internet of things", always-on devices and ubiquitous connectedness. But what does it mean for government? Some of the world's leading experts will explore the issue at a summit in Canberra tomorrow. Read More

Government off the record: the limits of transparency

Public officials should always create and carefully retain records of any important discussions, and make sure all parties agree they are accurate. But according to FOI supporters, lots of mandarins prefer a culture of unofficial secrecy where oral conversations and official records do not match. Read More

Bipartisan support for apolitical, merit appointments in NSW

Two weeks out from the NSW election, both major parties have made now made clear statements in support of apolitical, merit-based public service appointments. Labor won't fire current departmental heads if elected, but its messaging on privatisation and contestability is less clear. Read More