Author: Tom Burton

How can agencies promote ‘information confidence’?

It’s widely accepted that better decisions and evaluations in government are underpinned by evidence that harnesses multiple sources of data and information. The challenge public sector leaders now face is how to share and reuse government information assets for public value, and still maintain public trust. Read More

Exploring social mobility as a driver of inclusive growth

Governments across the globe and in Australia spend billions every year on social measures and programs where the linkages and outcomes can be hard to see. Social mobility offers both a clarifying lens and a map to what works — and what doesn’t — to promote inclusive growth. Read More

Out-thinking crime

Bad brains can lead to bad behaviour, according to research which shows a link between children's nutrition and later crime and violence. Read More

Tom Burton: tech titans v. media moguls

The ACCC inquiry into the impact of big tech platforms like Google and Facebook on the media will be an opportunity to frame a new competitive framework for the digital economy. It also promises to be a major battle between the media and tech sectors. Read More

Rethinking digital identity

Digital identity is a critical issue for all governments as they look to join up services and match data to enable smarter and better applications. There are a few different options as to how they approach the issue, writes Nic Nuske. Read More

Looking for the new intelligence czar

Canberra is looking for an intelligence chief to head up the new Office of National Intelligence. As the person who will get the first call from the Prime Minister, it is a critical new role. What makes a good intelligence czar? Read More