Author: The Conversation

Robots can already rig selection criteria in government jobs

Joining the junior ranks of the public service can be a painful exercise in repetitious selection criteria writing ... for humans anyway. Bots, however, can write better applications, faster, and also sound more human. Researcher Joshua Krook explores how some jobseekers have automated their applications. Read More

Can you trust an exit poll?

As all eyes turn to the drip-feed of UK election results, one result is clear: best prediction. YouGov’s sophisticated multilevel regression and post-stratification method (“Mister P”) was effective, weeks ahead of polling day, second only to exit polls themselves. Read More

Academic Chongyi Feng: profits, freedom and China’s ‘soft power’ in Australia

In March this year, University of Technology Sydney associate professor Chongyi Feng was detained by Chinese officials, unable to board his flight home to Sydney. He was held and interrogated for ten days before being allowed to return to Australia. Here, the expert in intellectual and political development in China recounts his personal experience and outlines how Chinese 'soft power' is exercised in Australia. Read More

Fancy government financing could still cost the taxpayer

The government is creating a new agency, the Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency, to work on ways so the money spent is rather marvellously 'off balance sheet'. But the idea that financing can be 'innovative' obscures the central point that all capital originates in savings. Read More

Organisational culture lessons from the Lindt Cafe siege inquest

'Hindsight will benefit us all' the New South Wales Police acknowledged this week, bruised as it was from what it called 'unfair' criticism resulting from the Lindt Cafe siege inquest. The lesson it should take is a culture of transparency — not risk aversion — improves an organisation's responses. Read More