Author: The Conversation

Here’s what smart cities do to stay ahead

Immigration and vision based on realistic consideration of social impact are key to smart cities, argues Colin Russo. Considering all social possibilities and impacts, before narrowing to preferred futures, helps to avoid “hype”. Read More

Australia’s march towards corporatocracy

Privatisation, declining regulatory oversight, and de-skilling of the public service can only entrench corporate power at the expense of public interest. Australia appears headed down the road to full-blown corporatocracy. Read More

Centrelink debt debacle is bad policy for mental health

The threat of Centrelink debt is one more stressor on already vulnerable people. The lack of action on social determinants of mental health and illness allows governments to avoid responsibility for the adverse health impacts of policies, like the Centrelink program. Read More

How to spot a workplace bully

UK research into workplace bullying identified five distinct types, but many organisations surveyed were not prepared for mistreatment that is less overt. Read More