Author: The Mandarin

Reinventing government starts at the local level

Terry Moran is a man of firm convictions and has been an outspoken critic of managerialist approaches to policy-making -- particularly of top-down (or centre-out) outsourced models. But should we reject these models completely? And if so, what should be in their place? He speaks to the Centre for Public Impact's Sarah Novak. Read More

Budgeting for drought

Some forms of government assistance can help facilitate adjustment to drought, including support for those small-business families facing poverty, as well as helping people to make better decisions when it comes to planning and preparing. On the other hand, ad hoc handouts to farm businesses in the form of subsidies for interest, freight and transport can have undesirable effects in terms of Australia’s national productivity and equity. Read More

Education for humans in an AI world

Today's disrupted and disrupting environment presents challenges and opportunities that have government, industry, enterprise and education grappling to strategically re-orientate for a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. As technology increasingly shapes our terrain, it’s human interactions that will matter more. Read More