Author: The Mandarin

Human Services marks Harmony Day with a nod to its hundreds of interpreters

While the federal government's policy goal of stronger English language skills among migrants has been controversial, its main service delivery department is proud of its ability to speak to people in their first language. As a way to mark Harmony Week, the Department of Human Services highlights the role of its 540 multilingual staff. Read More

The APS’s role in restoring public trust

Australia’s leading institutions, including government, business, NGOs and media, are among the least-trusted in the world at a time when the Australian economy has experienced 25 years of economic growth. What can the Australian Public Service do to help bridge the trust divide? Read More

Housing policy reset is overdue, and not only in Australia

There’s a growing sense that core aspects of the governmental mindset that have underpinned housing policy since the 1980s are long overdue for a rethink. And not just in Australia. Federal and state elections in coming weeks provide a timely moment for Australians to reflect on the increasingly obvious failure of governments to manage the triple crises of inflated property prices, lack of affordable housing for people on low to moderate incomes, and property market volatility. Read More

How we are transforming for peak performance

The public service is not immune to the pressures that exist for all businesses and organisations as we enter into an increasingly complex and digital world. We can’t deny that the future is digital and we need to be ready for that. Read More