Author: The Mandarin

What’s in store for online privacy and data management?

Trust, transparency, data ethics, regulatory frameworks and empowering people to manage their data all feature in discussions about the online privacy and data management landscape. In the third of a four part series, The Mandarin canvasses these issues from three different perspectives: government, a digital media platform and consumer policy. Read More

Protecting the world from the threat of pandemics

With the increase of global travel and trade, new infections can spread rapidly across countries and continents. The need to prepare pandemic response plans that are both flexible and scalable is an urgent challenge for policy-makers and practitioners. Read More

Backing the strengths of Aboriginal young people

For Aboriginal people, connection to our country, culture and family can be profoundly healing. But in the many decades we’ve spent working to improve the health of Australia’s first peoples - it’s a strength that has too often been ignored and squandered. Read More