Author: The University of Melbourne

Law degrees aren’t just for lawyers

There is significant public good in having people with legal training working across all sectors of our economy. A law degree comes with analytical, reasoning, research and communication skills, explains Melbourne Law School dean Pip Nicholson. Read More

Social Security Reform: Revisiting Henderson, Poverty and Basic Income

The 2018 Henderson Conference commemorates the 50th anniversary of Professor Ronald Henderson’s pivotal work on poverty in Australia. This collaboration between The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Institute and the Brotherhood of St Laurence examines how our social security system can better respond to poverty and inequality in Australia. Read More

Why Angela Merkel’s government won’t be hurt by refugee issues

Once a crowd-pleaser, Germany's 'open door' refugee policy lost favour and could have cut short Angela Merkel's plan for a four-term Chancellor. But deft management of the politics and a calm and non-confrontational approach during the campaign has given the impression despite high number of arrivals, she still has the situation in control. Read More

Having a disability does not automatically equal poor health

People with disability are more likely to suffer from physical and sexual violence, emotional abuse and harassment than those without disability. Children with disabilities are bullied, and it doesn't get much easier in adulthood. But this doesn't have to be an inevitable consequence of disability, writes Professor Anne Kavanagh. Read More

Why Nordic countries top the happiness league

They aren’t all the same, but they do all invest in equality, both politically and economically. However, the real strength of the Nordic Model has been its flexibility, writes University of Melbourne's Shirley Jackson. Read More