Author: The University of Melbourne

The last election where anyone cares?

Faith in democracy is plummeting among Australians, and the connection voters had with a leader like Bob Hawke now seems out of reach. Is this the last election where enough people really care? Read More

Why housing is a major public health issue for Australians with disability

People with disabilities are at much greater risk of living in unaffordable housing where the cost of keeping a roof over their heads can only be met by reducing spending on other essentials like food and health care. As a result they face a higher risk of homelessness, prompting concerns about a disability housing crisis in Australia. Read More

What key quality should Australia’s next PM have?

There are many characteristics of political leadership – strength, courage, wisdom, vision, judgment, responsiveness. All are elusive, difficult to describe in the abstract, and turn on the historical and social context in which leadership is exercised. So, how should some of these characteristics be demonstrated in contemporary Australia? Read More

Planning for climate extremes in global farming

Climate change means the frequency and severity of climate extremes is predicted to further increase in most regions worldwide. It’s important to understand how climate extremes interact with agricultural yields, to what extent crop yields are influenced by climate extremes and how these interactions differ between agricultural regions. Read More

Here’s how to renew Australia’s Democracy

Longer parliamentary terms? More free votes by MPs? Party publication of membership numbers and financial details each year? All proposals for consideration in a new report endorsed by 13 high-profile former public servants and ministers. Read More

Is your child lonely at school?

Emerging research suggests that we are now facing a global loneliness epidemic among our young people. In fact, young people are now reporting feelings of loneliness more frequently than those of their parents or grandparents. Read More

The world is run by those who show up

What kind of leader am I, if I’m a leader at all? I think I am a policy influencer. I’m not a minor influencer but I’m not a major one either, and so how do I fulfil this public image of the leader? Read More

The birth of syphilis surveillance in Melbourne

Congenital syphilis has re-emerged as a problem in Australia, with health authorities now urging pregnant women to get tested for the disease. Far from being eradicated, syphilis has been on the rise steadily in Victoria since 2002, almost a century after Australia’s anxiety about the spread of syphilis reached its peak. Read More