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People & Capability

Is your child lonely at school?

Emerging research suggests that we are now facing a global loneliness epidemic among our young people. In fact, young people are now reporting feelings of loneliness more frequently than those of their parents or grandparents. Read More

Why knowledge-sharing is powerful

In old-style, command-and-control management structures, most knowledge remains unshared because knowledge becomes power, position and promotion… and safety. To transform a business, leaders and executives need to transform themselves and their thinking first. Read More

The world is run by those who show up

What kind of leader am I, if I’m a leader at all? I think I am a policy influencer. I’m not a minor influencer but I’m not a major one either, and so how do I fulfil this public image of the leader? Read More

The APS’s role in restoring public trust

Australia’s leading institutions, including government, business, NGOs and media, are among the least-trusted in the world at a time when the Australian economy has experienced 25 years of economic growth. What can the Australian Public Service do to help bridge the trust divide? Read More