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People & Capability

Result 10 bringing better outcomes for New Zealanders

New Zealand is three years into its digital transformation agenda, with "Result 10" — solving the pain points in digital government services — and their online authentication system, RealMe, changing how the country supports citizens' major life events, starting from birth. Project lead Richard Foy says they're on track for 70% digital uptake by 2017. Read More

CASA plots path for culture change following review

It's going to be a big year at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Director Mark Skidmore has made it his goal by mid-2016 to instil culture change at the agency at the same time as pushing major reforms to its service delivery and embarking on its own digital transformation. Read More

John Lloyd: why HR in the public sector must change

KEYNOTE: HR managers need to see the world through their CEO's eyes, says Australian public service commissioner John Lloyd. He challenged the public sector's HR leaders to learn from the private sector, embrace technology and free up capacity to spend more time on strategic issues that matter to executives and line managers. Read More

Government floundering over Information Commission

Just weeks ago privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim was appointed temporary head of the three-commissioner OAIC. Now he's been appointed back to his previous privacy role for 12 months. Unable to abolish the commission, and unwilling to fund it, the government doesn't seem to know what to do next. Read More

Procedural fairness strongly linked to trust in government

The monopoly effect can lead government to treat its citizens poorly. But citizens do have a choice: they can trust less, argues Professor Allan Lind. The perception of unfair processes or being ignored can lead to citizens disengaging or even refusing to comply with the law. Read More

DTO to make creating APIs mandatory for federal agencies

The benefits of ubiquitous APIs for new government services could be profound for the burgeoning start-up culture in Australia. But there are considerable challenges if the Digital Transformation Office can pull off that mandate, writes government technology consultant Craig Thomler. Read More

Networking secrets of CEOs

Connecting with others is a crucial skill for those who aspire for the top jobs, writes brand strategist Amanda Rose. There's a right way to do it, exhibited by those who do become chief executives. Read More