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People & Capability

New PM’s website live

Wasting no time, the Malcolm Turnbull’s staff got the new PM’s website up within minutes of him signing the oath of office. Read More

Does NSW need an Implementation Unit?

Today's announcement of a radical overhaul of the New South Wales state plan by Premier Mike Baird was not shy about adding performance indicators to almost everything undertaken by a state agency -- and their minister. In a drop to The Australian newspaper, Baird explained the streamlined priorities, down from 186 targets and 321 measures, to 12 Premier's priorities and 18 state priorities. Read More

NSW auditor general calls for stronger powers

Tony Whitfield Acting New South Wales auditor general Tony Whitfield has reiterated his predecessor Grant Hehir's call for his office to gain "follow the dollar" powers already in place in other states, as well as the ability to audit local councils. Whitfield used the Audit Office of New South Wales annual report to "encourage" the NSW government to act on previous recommendations to bolster the agency's strength: "The Public Accounts Committee in 2013 recommended that I have 'follow the dollar' powers. These powers will allow me to go beyond government agencies and examine the increasing number of non-government organisations and other external service providers that spend public money. The Commonwealth and several other State Auditors-General already have these powers." Read More

Top 10 reasons to be at the Power to Persuade symposium

The team from The Power to Persuade have offered to a few reasons to come to next week's 2015 symposium in Canberra on Friday, September 18 and the pre-conference PTP:Gender session Thursday, September 17. Registrations are still open. PTP 2015 registrations still open. Because how often do you get to mix with people across sector who want to learn how to work together better (not just work out how to deal with current funding arrangements?) Because where else will you hear an open debate on social impact bonds AND the NDIS from Australia’s leading thinkers in different sectors in one place? Because how many policy forums have an entire day dedicated to gender? Because it’s one of the few forums where the public, private, and community sectors are fully engaged in dialogue. Because some of Australia’s most distinguished social policy speakers are involved. Because University House is an institution that everyone should visit at some point in their lives. Because the forum will be interactive, not death-by-Powerpoint. Because networking. Because how many forums bring together social policy, welfare, health and public health? Because social change means we need to learn to work together better. Read More

Travelling to work ‘is work’, EU rules

Care workers and other professions that involve travelling to work to people's home or other sites can be considered "at work" from the moment they leave their homes, the European Court of Justice ruled overnight, but only in cases where their employer does away with a fixed office in their area. That cost-saving measure could end up costing them significantly more, as the BBC is reporting that the decision could affect millions of workers. The court said its judgement was about protecting the "health and safety" of workers as set out in the European Union's working time directive. The directive is designed to protect workers from exploitation by employers, and it lays down regulations on matters such as how long employees work, how many breaks they have, and how much holiday they are entitled to. One of its main goals is to ensure that no employee in the EU is obliged to work more than an average of 48 hours a week. Read More

Utopia’s take on policy vacuum

Whitehall has the wit, wiles and wisdom of Sir Humphrey Appleby, and Australia has... Jim. Netflix will soon be bringing ABC's bureaucracy satire Utopia to British audiences under the title "Dreamland" -- Britain already has a popular show titled Utopia airing currently -- which will allow the highly discerning British audiences to make the comparison to Yes Minister for themselves. Judge for yourselves, though, with last night's episode showing off the political nous of the National Building Authority's ever-present thorn from the PM's office. Are Australian audiences getting dudded? Read More

Leadership lessons from outgoing VLDC chief

Leanne Ansell-McBride, CEO of the Victorian Leadership Development Centre, is stepping down to take up a new role in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. But before handing in her VLDC lanyard, she left some leadership lessons picked up from leaders she admires -- from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and FDR -- for their love of learning and humility to the actions they take to the actions they take to build trust and help the team succeed. Read More

Helping agencies reach indigenous spending targets

Indigenous Business Australia has launched a new team to help its clients in the maturing indigenous business sector win more corporate and government contracts. It will also help federal agencies meet new targets that demand a significant increase in spending with indigenous businesses over the next few years. Read More

Glam turnout for Defence Pride

Defence now has a diarchy in diversity, launching its internal Defence Pride network at the first Military Pride Ball of its long-standing LGBTI support association. Read More