The Future Fund is Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, investing for the benefit of future generations of Australians. Our organisation was established with the creation of the Future Fund in 2006. Today, we manage a number of special purpose funds on behalf of the Government


The primary determinant of success is the long run investment performance of the funds relative to their mandates which are based on total portfolio outcomes. The Chief Investment Officer’s (“CIO’s”) primary responsibility is ensuring that we meet this objective.

The CIO is responsible for the Agency’s investment approach. This includes leading the investment team, maintaining and enhancing the investment process and strategy and ensuring the appropriate implementation of the investment portfolios. Our approach is thoughtful and based on first principles. We are peer agnostic, focussing only on targeting the best risk adjusted returns at the total portfolio level over the long run.

The CIO is responsible for earning and retaining the trust and respect of the Government, Parliament and the Australian and global investment community.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities
Deliver strong investment performance
• Achieve high risk adjusted returns in accordance with our investment mandates through investment excellence.


Lead the Investment team
• Lead the Investment team and ensure the team is structured and resourced with the appropriate skills to deliver the Investment mandates and objectives.
• Maintain a team culture that is consistent with the organisational culture and best supports the achievement of our strategic investment objectives.
• Set the team strategy, direction, resource plan and priorities to support the investment objectives and in a manner consistent with the whole of organisation plans.
• Ensure robust succession planning, redundancy and skills development and transference across the team.


Own the investment process and strategy
• Design and implement robust processes to build and monitor the investment portfolios and exposures to achieve the investment objectives – including being forward looking and changing processes or structure as appropriate.
• Be responsible for the investment implementation model including the approach to due diligence and transaction execution.
• Ensure that the processes, structure and culture is in place to provide an appropriate focus on risk management, including reputation, ESG and disruption risk.
• Be cognisant of decision making bias and ensure that the investment process provides diversity of thought and appropriately guards against embedded biases.
• Empower the Deputy CIOs and senior Investment team members to make decisions and take appropriate investment risks.


Be an organisational leader
• Provide critical input to Agency strategic direction, organisational structure and priorities to facilitate delivery of the investment mandates over the long term.
• Provide cultural leadership across the Agency to bring the one-team approach to life.
• Be responsible for the culture and approach the Investment team takes in interacting across the Agency to deliver the investment objectives.


Exercise excellent stakeholder management
• Ensure a high level of responsiveness from across the organisation to the requests and requirements of the Chair and the members of the Board of Guardians.
• Maintain the confidence of the Board in the Investment process and the investment portfolios.
• Earn and retain the trust and respect of Government, Parliament and the investment community including through demonstrating thought leadership in the media, at industry conferences and preparation and presentation at Senate Estimate hearings.
• Liaise with the supervising Departments (Finance and Treasury) on emerging issues, administration, best practice and disclosure requirements.
• Be the key external spokesperson on investment matters and a leader in the investment industry.


The key duties of the position include:
Skills and Competencies
• A degree in economics, finance or a related discipline.


• Demonstrated ability to provide strong leadership and mentoring to an expert, capable and hardworking team.
• Broad experience in the analysis and understanding of investment markets at an institutional investor or multi asset manager is essential.
• Significant, demonstrated experience in a role responsible for distilling complex issues into simple, actionable concepts.
• Demonstrated ability to work as a member of complex teams with diverse views in a constructive and open manner.
• Experience of direct investment responsibility in a market facing role is desirable.


• Demonstrates an inclusive and empowering leadership style in a way which achieves buy in.
• Is willing to demonstrate leadership through the success of others.
• Has excellent interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to communicate complex situations clearly to stakeholders at all levels.
• Prefers to take a long term view rather than trade short term positions.
• Demonstrates a willingness to be open to other points of view and the agility to adapt to new information and solve problems as a team.
• Is curious and willing to take risk in order to innovate and is prepared to question the status quo.
• Able to provide well reasoned and robust decisions in the absence of perfect information and to take responsibility for them.


Please note the recruitment for this role is being handled by David Barrett Partners and all enquiries and applications should be directed to [email protected]

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Chief Investment Officer

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