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    24 hours ago

    White Ribbon Day: violence against women is a workplace issue

    “Not all disrespect of women ends up in violence against women, but that’s where all violence against women begins,” Malcolm Turnbull said in a press conference yesterday.

    It’s a reasonable observation for the Prime Minister to make a few days out from international White Ribbon Day, a campaign that revolves around men declaring their opposition to violence against women and girls. The actual day, Saturday November 25, involves 16 days of activism.

    The white symbolises the flag of surrender, the laying down of weapons that precedes an end to violent conflict, and the day began in 1989 after a Canadian university student killed 14 women and injured many more, in the deluded belief he was fighting feminism. […]


    1 day ago

    NSW local government collaboration laws pass

    The New South Wales parliament passed laws on Thursday allowing the state’s local councils to form voluntary ‘Joint Organisations’.

    Each Joint Organisation will comprise of a minimum of three councils and be established within an existing NSW planning region. […]


    Conflicts of interest undermined senior recruitment

    Greater transparency is needed in the recruitment of senior public servants, argues Tasmania's auditor general, following the discovery of conflict of interest and selection processes in the recruitment of several top bureaucrats.[...]

    Shut down ‘Don Dale’, says Royal Commission

    Tear gas, denial of water or toilets, forced isolation for more than 24 hours, and other cruel punishments should not be used on children, says the Royal Commission into the Protection of Children in the Northern Territory in its final report.

    The recommends are numerous, extending over several pages of dot point single sentence summaries alone. Many seek to ensure that adults with an interest in the children’s well-being will have both access and evidence if they need to intervene. Others seek to ensure basic humanity in the standard of care in detention.

    The detention system failed to comply with basic binding human rights standards in the treatment of children and young people, the commission concluded. In some cases there would very likely be lasting psychological damage. […]


    NT politicians make extra sure they will be exempt from ‘unsatisfactory conduct’ review

    When it comes to less serious corruption, Northern Territory’s Independent Commissioner Against Corruption will only have powers to investigate public servants — not judges or politicians.

    A trend in recent corruption agency reforms has been to separate less serious corruption, sometimes called misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct, from major corruption. But this catch-all for smaller offences appears to have spooked politicians. […]

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