If data is for good, then trust is king

The volume of data globally has created widespread opportunities to harness its economic and social value raising policy issues such as privacy protection, innovation and consumer policy. Read More

Rod Sims: don’t rely on amateur journalists

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims delivered a speech to the International Institute of Communications - Telecommunications and Media Forum on the regulation for competition, discussing the changing world of media, the international context and the ACCC's digital platforms inquiry. Read More

Tom Burton: Canberra creates a brave new data world

It is hard to overstate the importance of the federal government’s decision to create a consumer right over the data created about them. The Mandarin's publisher Tom Burton pulls apart where digital government is going and what it will take to get there. Read More

Public sector underpins Turnbull’s new pragmatism

The 2017-18 Budget unveils a major new role for the public sector to drive infrastructure and regional development, with multi-billion dollar funds and delivery agencies, a buyback of Snowy Hydro from NSW and Victoria, and a new housing affordability package. Read More