Australian Communications and Media Authority

Airwaves: reforming one of our most valuable resources

With ubiquitous mobile usage and the rapid rollout of the internet of things, spectrum has become a key enabler of the digital economy and critical for future high speed mobile. It is also a major source of revenue for government. Significant reform of how spectrum is allocated and used is underway. Read More

So in a world full of content, what makes it ‘Australian’?

Over the last decade there has been an explosion in content and many new ways to make and consume it. As the Federal Government announces a formal review of Australian content, a conference next week will explore the notion of exactly what is Australian content and what is the best way to support it. Read More

Cybersecurity: Island Australia collapses

Australian government agencies and organisations have typically prepared for massive electronic attacks from overseas.  But that’s changed. New data showing a major increase in locally launched cyber attacks shows the real threats are now close to, or at home. Just look inside your smart TV. Read More

ACMA review: call to absorb competition function

Submissions to the review of ACMA have elicited a range of views for reforming the regulator. The spread of digital information technologies throughout the economy means that a future ACMA will almost certainly look different. Read More