Australian Public Service Commission

ComSuper staff will retain APS rights for three years

The APS Commission has advised that ComSuper staff who have been forced to work for Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation will retain their APS employment rights for three years. A few months back, the commissioner argued against the special dispensation in a Senate committee. Read More

John Lloyd: why HR in the public sector must change

KEYNOTE: HR managers need to see the world through their CEO's eyes, says Australian public service commissioner John Lloyd. He challenged the public sector's HR leaders to learn from the private sector, embrace technology and free up capacity to spend more time on strategic issues that matter to executives and line managers. Read More

16 public sector changes from today

New South Wales will see extensive machinery of government changes this week, while federally the Digital Transformation Office will launch as a flagship agency. Here are The Mandarin's non-exhaustive picks of public sector changes that formally take effect around Australia this fiscal year. Read More

FOI laws: fixing the chilling effect on frank advice

Those who want more limitations on transparency are regaining ground in the freedom of information tug-of-war. If the government thumbs its nose at disclosure and public servants are all too happy to follow suit, are the laws a problem? Or should the culture of government match the law? Read More