Australian Tax Office

MyTax outage a lesson for all government services

No, it's a not appropriate to load test on your citizens in production — particularly when it's a critical service. Instead of assigning blame or getting defensive, digital government consultant Craig Thomler says the ATO needs to show it can recover from this disaster and learn from the private sector. Read More

How to spot dodgy CVs

With the federal public service hiring freeze soon to be lifted, there will be thousands, if not tens of thousands of applicants hitting up public service jobs. But what if their CV is full of lies? Read More

ATO warning to services union members

Australian Services Union members have been warned not to join the Community and Public Sector Union protected industrial action today. Australian Tax Office's David Miller responded to ASU's Jeff Lapidos who has made the response public. Here is the email in full: Read More

ATO workers strike, further agencies to follow

Tax Workers to stop work today at 10.30am, Community and Public Sector Union says. Public service is striking to draw attention to wage and entitlement negotiations and job losses. However, Australian Services Union members were told to be "prudent" and stay away. Read More