Australian Taxation Office

What happens on Yammer, stays on Yammer

In case anyone was wondering, comments from most public servants on the workplace social networking app Yammer will typically be exempt from release under the federal Freedom of Information Act. Read More

Tom Burton: Canberra creates a brave new data world

It is hard to overstate the importance of the federal government’s decision to create a consumer right over the data created about them. The Mandarin's publisher Tom Burton pulls apart where digital government is going and what it will take to get there. Read More

Why Azure is a gamechanger for government

Agencies have for years played on the margins of cloud, only to find choices and progress constrained amid concerns over security, sovereignty, governance and resilience. Microsoft Azure’s launch for government coupled with its official ASD rating as a ‘Protected’ level provider changes that -- big time. Read More

Psychology of change key to driving digital innovation

Government needs to shift from being a transformation laggard to being a catalyst for change. This requires agencies to change how they consider risk and an appreciation of the leadership role government can take in the broader economy, to fuel innovation and economic development in the digital era. Read More